Quality policy

ALU-POL Sp.J. is a company manufacturing aluminum casts using two technologies: low-pressure form and die casting using gravity. Our casts are later used in energetic, automotive, food industry, construction etc.

We produce also elements of machines and devices based on consulted with a client standards and technological parameters.

We ensure full service in area of preparation and creating patterns, casting and then processing and painting finished articles.

The main purpose of our company is using our best efforts to satisfy our customers’ expectations and requirements by providing them with goods and service at the highest standard. Our work is particularly focused on quality, promptness of orders execution and building good relationships with our clients.

Our commitment to quality policy is based on Quality Management System, which runs in our company. It complies with the international ISO 9001: 2008 standard with total engagement of our partners and the contribution of every company member.

Wspólnicy Sp.J.

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